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How arised the name of the project..

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I have developed the project slowly. When I was somewhere on the plein air, I have distributed canvas to the artists. Nobody has refused. Participants of the fine art festival in Snina also painted these small pictures. Later, after consulting with artists and friends, I named it as a Painted equator. Its aim is to paint and collect 40,075 pictures from an equal number of individuals from every country in the world. Today we have some pictures from 45 countries. Only individually, when someone have learned and painted or from those countries which were artists in Snina.

We did a presentation in other countries and cities, which I am going to write later.

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akad. mal. Andrej Smolák author of project

Andrej Smolak is the main character of the PEG project and the owner of Andrej Smolak Gallery in Bratislava and Snina.

More than 30 years he is participating in the forming of cultural awareness in Slovakia and abroad. Thanks to the support of ART.EAST Foundation, which he had established, students and artists can develop their talents. In SZUŠ he educates next creators of artworks. He organizes courses of drawing and painting for art lovers in his galleries.