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Andrej Smolak

akad. mal. Andrej Smolak
(1953, Humenné), painter and gallerist

He graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy UPJŠ in Prešov (1979) and special studies on The Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (1989). He runs Andrej Smolak Gallery in Snina since 1993 and in Bratislava since 1998. He is a laureate of many awards for artwork: European Prize of Franz Kafka (1998), European Art Union Prize (2002), World Prize of Salvador Dalí. He is a member of The International Academy of Culture and Art in Moscow and he is a director of its branch in Slovakia.

He founded The International Fine Art Festival in Snina, which he organizes annually since 1994. He established Private Elementary Art School in 2004. Since 2002 he is running the ART.EAST Fondation in order to support fine arts. He had implemented several international projects which were supported by the European Union funds and by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism. He is author of the cultural worldwide project – The Painted Equator.


If people want to support any idea, they often create a human chain. Holding their hands they surround whole streets, squares, they connect cities. The chain of humans hands will be symbolic in this project, it will by 40 075 kilometres long, which is the length of earth´s equator and it will go through every country.

Painted Equator Gallery /PEG/ is a worldwide project and its main idea is to connect people of all the nations and to create an imaginary chain of humans hands by painting of little pictures. One picture of size 20 x 20 cm will refer to one kilometer of the equator. The goal of the project is to collect 40 075 pictures of selected personalities of the world.

By building of this gallery we can proved that the mankind is still able to think positively, to form a cultural heritage of the world and to streghten the friendship between nations by united powers and thus leaving a permanent proof for future generations. This project is a universal tool for knowing and bringing closer the nations of different cultures. This gallery will become a big cultural attraction and will be the and only of its kind.

This gallery can be situated in any country of the world. Proceeds of the entrance fee will be dedicated to humanitarian and educational purposes.

Andrej Smolak
author of project

  • The main organizer of PEG is the Andrej Smolak Gallery
  • Finanacial guarantor of PEG is the ART.EAST Foundation, which will collect all the sponsor and voluntary financial contributions
Phases of project:
PHASE 1painting and collecting of pictures
PHASE 2projecting and construction of PEG
PHASE 3after collecting of 40 075 pictures project will continue and other personalities can send their paintings
Painted pictures are from these countries so far:



September 10ththe idea of PEG was born
– T. Al-Baqsami painted the first picture the very same day


presentation of PEG during the
15th International Fine Art Festival
in Snina

American singer
Nicol J. Mcloud joined the PEG


Project joined:
naive artists from Kovačica (Serbia) PEG
during the International Fine Art Festival Snina

ice hockey world champion peter bondra

chess grandmaster hikaru nakamura


1 000PEG pictures


assumption of10 000 PEG picuters


100PEG pictures

The president of Slovak Republic contributed
to the PEG by his painting

Presentation of PEG in Lviv (Ukraine)


Presentation and realization of PEG
in Saratov area
in Russia


Building of the Painted Equator Gallery

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