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Never against anyone

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Project, its concept and brainstorming on its implementation – all this came into life little by little. It took hundreds of consultations favouring this idea.

One Sunday afternoon in my atelier in Bratislava – three ladies, all of them having Slovak nationality and coming from the countries of former Yugoslavia – member of Serbian Parliament, artist living in Prague and a girl from Montenegro, who studies in Bratislava. They all were really fond of the idea of the project.

One of my statements – I was giving some examples – resulted in some kind of contraposition of two countries or great powers. The student asked me: “What do you have against this country?” I was struck and unable to answer. I reconsidered the word “against” and I deleted it from all the texts concerning the project. From that moment on I started using only “for” – for friendship, for love, for peace.

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akad. mal. Andrej Smolák author of project

Andrej Smolak is the main character of the PEG project and the owner of Andrej Smolak Gallery in Bratislava and Snina.

More than 30 years he is participating in the forming of cultural awareness in Slovakia and abroad. Thanks to the support of ART.EAST Foundation, which he had established, students and artists can develop their talents. In SZUŠ he educates next creators of artworks. He organizes courses of drawing and painting for art lovers in his galleries.