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New Ambassadors of the project

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New ambassadors of the Gallery Painted Equator the following: Ibrahim Ghazala (Egypt), painter, deals with countryside paintings and portraiting. He is inspired by the beauty of nature from around the world thanks to his project Paintings of the world through the eyes of an Egyptian. Since 2008, Director of the International Symposium of Luxor. He is the President of Visual Arts magazine. Zufar Gimajev (Tatarstan, Russian Federation), painter, teacher, Member of the Union of Fine Artists of the Russian Federation and the President of the Association of Visual Artists of the Republic of Tatarstan. Since 2012, honorary member of the international humanitarian Academy of UNESCO. Ahmet Erman Karagoz (Northern Cyprus), painter, his works were presented at exhibitions in the Northern Cyprus Republic of Turkey in Nicosia and in Turkish Ankara. Yelena Ralina (Kazakhstan), artist from Astana, where she lives and creates in her studio. Awarded by a number of awards for artistic creation. Vasile Sitari (Moldova) is an associate professor at The Moldavian Academy of Music, Theatre and Art. Since 1996, member of AIAP UNESCO in Paris and since 2007 member of the Union of Artists of Moldova. Khalid Al Tahmazi (Bahrain) studied art the Bahrain Art Association, which later became a member of. His work bears the signs of different cultures, a combination of figural and abstract creation. He is a member of the World Wide Arts Resources.

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