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On positive thinking

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People make projects to fulfil themselves. They enjoy it. Me too. I have successfully implemented lots of projects already. This one is the biggest. It’s an attempt for a worldwide project. But there’s no Guinness record concerned. The goal is not only to collect 40 075 pictures. That’s just a form – an instrument to rivet all nations of the world on positive thinking. I would like all those who paint a picture to talk about it and think positively. As well as those who only know about the project – they should be talking about it, too and they should be spreading the idea – the concept of positive thinking. This is the ultimate goal of the project – positive thinking and spreading this idea among all nations of the world. I invite personalities from all countries, those who made some achievements, to participate actively in this project, to paint a picture and if possible, to make a financial contribution as well.

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akad. mal. Andrej Smolák author of project

Andrej Smolak is the main character of the PEG project and the owner of Andrej Smolak Gallery in Bratislava and Snina.

More than 30 years he is participating in the forming of cultural awareness in Slovakia and abroad. Thanks to the support of ART.EAST Foundation, which he had established, students and artists can develop their talents. In SZUŠ he educates next creators of artworks. He organizes courses of drawing and painting for art lovers in his galleries.